Robyn Lozano- Stylist

"Nothing holds you back more then your own insecurities"

Robyn is our newest stylist to our La Vie Salon team and we are so excited to have her here! She specializes in color and specifically Babylights! She has a soft but strong personality and is very honest with her clients. She is daring and eager to be fearless! 

Siobhan Young- Stylist

"Everything feels better after a haircut"

Siobhan has been with the La Vie Salon team for four years. She is very realistic with her clients and loves to give client's a new change. She stays on trend with her styles, and is always trying to learn something new. She specializes in Balayage, red heads, and short cuts! Siobhan is an amazing listener, she is caring and passionate about doing hair. 

Valerie Stern- Stylist

"Ombre means shade in french, not roots in english" 

Valerie has been with the salon for five years. She has been with us since the start of it all! Valerie is an amazing stylist and has a huge passion for hair and keeping her clients happy. She specializes in Balayage, Short hair cut's, Brazillian Blowout and loves doing Men's cuts! Valerie is a fun, energetic and honest stylist. She constantly tries new products and is always staying on trend with the latest and greatest styles out there. 

Megan Giaimo- Owner/Stylist

"It will change your life!"

Megan is a passionate, motivated and determined Salon Owner and Stylist at La Vie Salon. She opened La Vie Salon in 2011, she just celebrated being in business for five years! Megan's specialty is color correction and balayage. She loves having the opportunity to do clients who let her do whatever she artistically wants to do. Her goals are to maintain longevity in the industry as well as continued education and growth.

Kristi-Lee Dekker- Stylist

"Nothing is permanent so never be afraid of change"

Kristi-Lee has been with the La Vie Salon team for two years now. She prides herself on being honest with her clients in her consultations so they have realistic expectations of what the results will be. Her specialty is Balayage and Bobs! She is a very adventurous, passionate, and enthusiastic person and stylist. If she isn't at work you will find her out in nature exploring and experiencing life to the fullest.

Kelly Heitzman- Stylist

"Blonde is always better"

Kelly has been with the La Vie Salon team for four years now! She is amazing with consultations she listens and respects whatever the client wants. She is strong in communication and will be honest about what is best for the client. She specializes in Blondes, Balayage and Brazillian Blowout. Kelly also loves doing braids and any type of styling. She is one of the most respectful and loving stylists we have!

Pamela Mejia- Stylist

"If your hair is unbecoming to see, then maybe you should come to me!!"

Pamela is new to our team but it feels like she has been with us forever! Pamela is bubbly, and always trying to make clients feel comfortable. She is amazing with giving good customer service and loves giving each client a good experience while they are at the salon. She specializes in Men's cuts, curly hair, and balayage. Her passion for the industry helps her stand out as  the awesome stylist that she is

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